Get Into "Good Habits" With Our Road Trip Tips

With August right at our fingertips, we have begun planning our last minute summer vacations and adventures. We'll road trip in the comfort of our Audi's to the lake for a getaway weekend or to grandma's house on the shore. At Team Audi we'd like to share with you some tips to make driving easier and more efficient.

Consider this list as a chance to start some new good habits. You owe it to your Audi and to your wallet to handle your road trips and summer travel the best way possible.

  • Check Your Tires: When was the last time you did? According to Rubber Manufacturers Association, only one out of 10 drivers check their tire pressure correctly. See the video below to learn how.
  • Change Air Filters: The winter can clog your car's air filter with salt. A clogged air filter will not only give you the cold air you need for summer driving comfort, but can lower your fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent.
  • Drive With Windows UP and Cargo INSIDE: Sure, it can be nice to drive with the windows down and store our over-stuffed bags on the roof. But both these ideas will you’re your fuel efficiency.

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