Audi Takes Lead Spot in Global Premium Sales Race

As you may have read some time ago, Audi is well on its way to besting its impressive sales goal of selling 2 million vehicles by 2020. With is sales momentum continuing in a big way, we're excited to tell you that the brand has hit yet another impressive benchmark.

As you may know, Audi is one of three German luxury and performance automakers vying for the top spot in the premium segment. Its most direct competitor is its Bavarian counterpart, which has led the sector in sales for nine years running.

Yet, if the current sales reports are any indication, they won't hold the top spot for long.

For the first two months of 2014, Audi has led the big three German automakers in sales. So far, that's about 242,400 vehicles worldwide--383 more than its Bavarian rival. While that margin may not seem like much, it could have tremendous implications when you add the brand new 2015 Audi A3 into the mix.

With Audi meeting and exceeding its sales targets, and with $22 billion euros being funneled into the continual expansion and development of their products both at home and abroad, we can't see any way that our preferred automaker won't hold the top spot going forward. If this trend continues throughout the year, it'll be the first time Audi has bested its two top competitors.

Sales are heating up, and so are the models available at our Merrillville, IN dealership! The 2015 A3 has arrived, along with a whole host of other new Audi models you can enjoy.

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